World AIDS Day Update 1992
In 1992 I was part of the National Steering Committee designing Australia’s World AIDS Day materials. The Committee was facilitated by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO), the Project Officer was David Lockhart.
“More Ideas from David Paul Jobling” was first published in the ‘World AIDS Day Update 1992’, Issue #2, OCTOBER 1992

I would like to encourage WAD ’92 Project Officers to write to their Speaker of the House, Premier, the President of your Legislative Assembly or Council requesting them to advise all members and staff to wear a Red Ribbon on December 1st.
Contact your local office of the Australian Journalists Association and request that they advise all their members through their monthly newsletter of the RED RIBBON its significance and where they may purchase them locally. Contact your Director General of Education and make sure they know about WAD’92 and request that the Education Department issue a statement to all schools advising them of the same.

Communicate with your Equal Opportunity or Human Rights Commission and request they contribute to community awareness of WAD ’92 by issuing a media statement in support of the day.

Write to your local media personalities, TV News Directors/Producers, Newspaper Chiefs-of-Staff and Features Editors advising them of the significance of December 1st.

Contact Union Secretaries and Presidents requesting that they advise their members of World AIDS Day. Target major communicators and empower them to use their skills in conveying the importance of a COMMUNITY COMMITMENT to this most important day; it is vital to the well-being of each and every human affected by HIV/AIDS.

The support and awareness raised by an international event such as World AIDS Day has the potential to promote healing of mind, body and spirit; to relieve stresses and pains that debilitate our people and to forge ahead toward a greater understanding of celebrating life.

While December 1st is a day of remembrance of those we have lost it is also a day for recognition and acceptance of those who live and breathe every moment of their precious life imprisoned by this virus and all of the associated stigmas that have attached themselves to it on the social and human levels.

World AIDS Day activities have the potential to alter the public’s stream of attention, to offer them insight and support in their learning. Search for on-going commitments from the community as you strive to make December 1st a day of massive significance, pretty please.

David Paul Jobling