Sustainable Event Management

By Meegan Jones

Sustainable Event Management by Meegan Jones is a well researched and neatly designed guide to making any festival or large event the most environmentally friendly, leaving the lightest possible carbon footprint; making it a very timely book that will go a long way assisting those who are seeking to manage events, work in Community Development and apply necessarily thoughtful values and sustainable procedures in the process.

There has always been a cost-cutting tendency from coordinators of big events to lessen the amount of rubbish on their event sites based on hard economic facts, but these days the rhetoric has drawn on the realities of climate change, and people’s understanding of how they can consume less to improve the planet. This is well evidenced in the book using profiles of Festivals such as the Glastonbury and Reading Festivals in the UK as well as Big Day Out and Peat’s Ridge in Australia to name only a few. Other sites included are in the US, Denmark and Portugal so the considerations are not restricted to one terrain alone. Bringing these concerns into one practical guide is a natural development of the trend to become more sustainable in business while being environmentally responsible and sustainable, and here, Megan Jones has done great work.

When you are dealing with groups of people that spiral into the tens of thousands all dwelling in the same area for any protracted length of time, taking stock of the way you do things saves a lot of money as well as time, energy, environmental impact, not to mention the comfort of that 85,000 strong crowd; and as time passes, if we are to see such things as Emissions Trading, increases of the price of water and energy resources, more Carbon Storing and other environmentally focused increases in costs, there need to be ways to practically implement the responsible checks and balances, you could almost call them ‘complementary therapies to your festival’. To use a simile, imagine the Festival’s good health were broken into the forces that give it life like it was a person, the finance to make it happen is its life-blood and the measures you take to sustain its life are the complementary therapies help keep it in good health.

Having this check list to go through, similar to the clip-board at the end of the hospital bed, you have something well thought through and clear at hand to double check and keep everything in balance I think it is brilliant and if I were trying to organise a huge event I would want it around to provide me with some of the wisdom it contains. Influencing the audience’s transport, socially responsible purchases, use of cleaning products in outdoor environments, recycling; everything I can imagine you’d need to know at this point in time has a credible representation here.

Jones describes it best in the Preface, calling it “a journey towards sustainability with tips, production logistics, projects to undertake and practical solutions to common challenges,” I agree, I think it is a great practical guide to sustainable event management.

This is an extremely useful book for TAFE and University libraries, possibly the best yet.

Sustainable Event Management
A Practical Guide
by Meegan Jones
384 pages, 234 x 189 mm

Publisher: Earthsca
Paperback –
ISBN: 9781844077397
AU $ 69.95