I’m very pleased with the quality of the material I’ve produced via Red Bubble.

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Showing things

Earlier this year I spent some time showing off scarves and other items around the City of Adelaide through the winter months, you can see some highlights in the slide show above.

Below in the slide show some more of the products. The pouch is well constructed, the cards are nice quality and the scarf is beautiful.

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Here is the link to JoBLING where my work can be ordered on line.

There are a range of collections including:



Why flying? First I like birds, so I think I like flying but I was not always sure if I truly liked it or not. I have a foster son who wants me to travel to the other side of the world with him and his family for an event. In order to test myself, if I could survive a long flight, I flew over Australia from Sydney to Darwin to Alice Springs to Adelaide. Took some pictures along the way. I will change the collection eventually. Add to it, subtract things that attract no likes or interest.