HIV on the NET
by David Jobling
First published: Sydney Star Observer, Thursday February 27, 1997

If you are up and running on the internet you may find the following preamble a little basic and trite, so just go to the list of URL’s and have a look.

But, if you are an internet novice you will appreciate the internet has opened up the world to us in ways that can make the mind boggle and the savings account shrivel.

Whoever would have imagined that the opening ceremony of our very own Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras would be telecast live via the net?

Or that information regarding everything from body modification through to the healthiest diet for guinea pigs would be accessible to us via our own computer, the one at ACON or the local internet café?

While this information is readily available, time on the internet can mount up a fee like the meter in the taxi from hell, so if you have to start from scratch the cost of finding what you want can be very high.

My major use of the internet has been to access information relating to HIV treatments, drug trial statistics, HIV culture and anecdotal information or mailing lists with aspects of HIV as their main discussion topic.

I have assembled a useful list of web sites for people seeking practical information about HIV/AIDS treatments. Armed with these addresses you should be able to get answers to questions such as:

What are the side effects of Nevirapine and other drug treatments?
What are the specific problems that WOMEN with HIV face?
Where do I get information on treatments?
What resources are available?

The list below has a title in capitals followed by addresses worth a look. Much of the information is from the US and the UK but there are many glossaries and sites worth looking at around the world, so don’t be put off if it’s not Australian.

(I have edited the list now in 2015 and left the remaining sites that have been available since the 1997 publication of this article, DPJ)

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