Backstage with SteveO before his Sydney show

I had a great interview with Steve O the clown and comedian while he was in Sydney some years back. Maybe it was more than just an interview really because we exchanged quite a bit of time. We met at his hotel room which was amusing because he was pretty hung over from antics the night before and had cut himself on the foot by trading on a beer bottle. I found him to be a very amicable guy over all. We recorded an interview with me kneeling beside his bed for a while because he didn’t want to be standing on his foot but he did stand up; I was fascinated with his clowning. To me it was a form of the very old Italian Lazzi street performance, or the Mummers who would leap around doing death defying acts of foolishness to display their mortality. Later I met him backstage before his show. He was all ramped up and getting ready to go out and do it. I enjoyed the show.


Harvey Pekar was a very sweet man. He simply enjoyed going on the journey his work took him. A well deserved journey. Such a fine fellow.

Harvey Pekar thanked me for my interest

Jimmy Walker doing his stand up and talking about the life after ‘Good Times’ and how people fix on something and will not let it go.

With Jimmy Walker from “Good Times”

 Producing at 2SER FM in Sydney and in South Australia at Radio Adelaide


Nick Enright 1994
Nick Enright

I wrote a lot of reviews for Independent weekly (Adelaide, S.A.)  Solstice Media, 2004-2010 and did a few interviews.

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