I have no idea if I’m any good at blogging or whatever this is. By the end of it I may discover no more than what I already knew. I offer more detail here and there. Here some detail about the name… sometimes billed as David Jobling, other times billed as David Paul Jobling.

Born in Whyalla, South Australia, 1961.


On the subject of his birth-name; it is David Paul Jobling, he sometimes includes his middle name Paul to differentiate himself from the published Academic and Theologian also David Jobling.

David Jobling started using David Paul Jobling after he was approached by someone whom had mistaken him for the Academic and written asking him to consider writing an adaptation of their published autobiography for the stage; a shocking story of someone who had been raised inside a terrible lie.

After reading the material accompanying the letter of request David came to the conclusion that the subject matter was too disturbing, not something he could apply himself to personally; the author visited seeking a meeting. Curious as to why the individual had approached him he asked, “Of all the writers you could ask, why did you ask me?” she replied, “You are a distinguished Theologian,” and the mistake was revealed.

This was before public internet access, searching for your own name on a data base wasn’t something you would even consider at the time.

Sharon Wilson was in my Grade Six class at Primary School; she brought a magazine she wanted to show me that had a picture of a man named David Jobling in it. The teacher Miss Smith took an interest too. Miss Smith passed it around for each class member to have a look. We had a lot of common names in the room, there were a few kids called David usually three or four at any one time.

Once aware of Theologian David he asked various family members if they knew of the fellow, David’s mum told of a curious moment she’d once had checking into a hotel for a conference on Comparative Religious Study, the Concierge offered her a room number saying, “You’re husband has already checked-in and gone up with the key,” which made no sense to her at all. It was of course the Theologian.